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The Ottawa Hospital Unveils: LEGACY

  • The Ottawa Hospital 501 Smyth Rd Ottawa, ON, K1H 8M2 Canada (map)



Sometimes in life, we manage to get ripped to shreds by things that we think are important. Maybe we take someone's words or actions too seriously and so, it sours us. Maybe we are disappointed that a reaction was too fast or ,too slow and we get wound up in that exact moment.Or maybe we carry around feelings of resentment and in our haste these feelings taint our pathway......and sometimes.........sometimes..... you can get an idea in your head, share it with a group of people who are all from your tribe, and you can create pure,unadulterated ,positive L-O-V-E.

When I read about Jillian O'Connor in the paper, her story impaled me with a silver sword ,right through my heart, a strong woman who was pregnant and also fighting an incredible powerful cancer .

I pulled the silver sword out, and asked for help to create something beautiful and a tribute which would be created with love and light. Women came forward and under the artistic direction of Sarah Lake and Dana Cotethey moved together ,like a tide on a beach filled with starfish, to ebb and flow and release, a 12 panel painting,of an iconic mother and child.

"LEGACY" is the name of the painting and she is finally going "home" to be hung in the hospital and unveiled by her beautiful and awe inspiring muse, Jillian O'Connor and her newborn son,Declan.

This journey has kept me filled with light. Has healed the wounds and has proven to me, that beyond a doubt- this group of women are some of the most spectacularly talented and golden hearted people,in the world.

Not just the artists-but ALL of you. 
Your spirits and your energy and your kindness have powered this group with "good ness" and with the spirit of being ALIVE.

Of everything that this group has ever created or worked on together, this project has given me faith in mankind and reassured me , that life, is indeed good. Thank you for coming together and believing and loving.

As we move forwards,this painting will always signal a time, where a group of women who did not know each other.....worked together and created something beautiful to be paid forward to someone, they did not know.


This invitation is a super big deal.
This invitation is to be shared.
This invitation is wrapped in so much gratitude.

Limited Space.
Please comment below,if you can come and how many will be with you.

Thank you so very much for washing away all the pain and giving birth to a brand new legacy. A reminder. 

To always and forever......believe in each other.

-Catherine Landry