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  • Wabano Center 299 Montreal Rd Ottawa, ON, K1L 7G1 Canada (map)


beyoutful' is being organized in the format of an afternoon tea and therefore one could assume that the event is catered to girls & women. Having said that, the goal of our event is to inspire self-empowerment. Empowerment is indeed truly crucial for girls especially as they grow older and find themselves in relationships. Self-esteem and self-respect, can be the difference between life and death for a woman. But in order to empower a generation of women we must be inclusive of the men and to do so the idea of equality has to be maintained from youth. If we want a generation of empowered women, the boys they grow up with MUST see them as their equals, different maybe, but equals. Boys need to be exposed to girls activities and appreciate what girls are about, equal but different. As much as boys need to be empowered the need in girls is stronger but that will never come to be if we aren't inclusive.
Beyoutful is a day of workshops, fashion shows, bazaars, outdoor & indoor activities all with the purpose of empowering and encouraging kindness in mind. It is a resource for parents, it is a resource for young adults (boys & girls) and it is a day of empowerment for children. It a rare opportunity of having an interactive tea with a collection of some our region's finest professionals all under one roof. Most of all, It is one day in the year that I will share with my daughter, our day, a new tradition where we will make memories and bond. Its one day that I want to offer to you to do the same, whether you chose to bond with your mother , daughter, son, friend or your dad!

Our surprise keynote speaker, yet to be announced, will blow away your minds.

Master of Ceremonies is Dylan Black of Boom 97.9 and the tea is being hosted by speakers coming in from out of town and local experts.




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